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How to kick-start your healthy lifestyle... and SUSTAIN it!

 Y'all, let's talk about how to sustain a healthy lifestyle... 

⁣It’s natural for people to start ramping up their “healthy lifestyle” this time of year. But most people go from 0 to 100 when they're starting a health kick! 

Which ultimately means they're not able to sustain that lifestyle because it's too restrictive and takes a backseat to other priorities.

And then we all know what happens… We fall off the wagon.

So, let's talk about how to prevent that from happening! 

  1. SET GOALS AROUND FEELINGS AND BEHAVIORS! Start by taking a look at how you're setting goals. It's way more effective to set goals around how you're feeling in your body and what behavioral changes you're making. Versus setting goals based on how you want to "look" or how much you want to weigh.  
  2. DOUBLE DOWN ON HEALTHY HABITS! We can't do all the things, all the time. So, pick two healthy habits, get those new habits down, and then add more...
  3. GET YOURSELF SOME ACCOUNTABILITY! Make sure that your source of accountability is consistent and appropriate. A family member, friend, or roommate is way too immeshed in your life. Your source of accountability needs to be there for you long-term, which is why I always recommend hiring a coach.  

And don't hate me for saying this, but when it comes to sustaining a healthy lifestyle, it's easier than you think.

Listen up!

You DON'T have to workout more and eat less...

You DON'T have to join Noom, Weight Watchers, or Beachbody...

And you DON'T have to focus on "clean eating"...

You just have to start by making small changes to cultivate healthy habits. Small changes for the WIN! 

Small changes within our habits cultivate HUGE changes for our health over time.⁣ And the good news is, these are changes that we're more likely to sustain... 

Sure, you may see results by working out more and eating less… but we all know it isn't sustainable, and can actually be dangerous for our health.⁣ Weight loss programs can also get people results, but their models don’t lend themselves to sustainability for a variety of reasons.⁣ And a study by Abwani et al. (2019) found that those who view the trend of “clean eating” more favorably have a higher prevalence of eating disorders and disordered eating. 

The proof is in the pudding, y'all! 

Now let's say you're someone who has been making small changes within your habits, but you need a way to gage your progress... 

Here are 7 signs of progress: (That aren't the number on the scale!)

1. You're more energized throughout the day! 

2. Your clothes fit better! 

3. Your daily routine is more structured! 

4. You're learning to listen to your own hunger cues! 

5. You're drinking water more regularly! 

6. Your sleep quality and/or quantity has improved! 

7. You feel in control of your daily habits! 

I also suggest reframing those "signs" by turning them into a question and journaling about it. For example, "Do I feel more in control of my daily habits?" 

If you’re not sure which healthy habit to start with and you need accountability to make changes, this is exactly what we help clients with...

So, CLICK HERE TO TAKE OUR QUIZ to see which one of my health coaching programs is right for you! 

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