Why I've lost trust in medical professionals...

To be honest, I’ve lost trust in medical professionals…⁣

⁣After I got my gut health condition diagnosis I was put on a VERY restrictive diet as a healing protocol, (Low-FODMAP plus other things) and I left my doctor’s office with a list of foods I could eat, and a longer list of foods I couldn’t eat. ⁣

⁣And that was it! 

⁣There was NO preparation for how starting this very restrictive diet as a “healing protocol” would impact me mentally and emotionally…⁣

NO support for how to integrate the protocol in social settings…⁣

⁣And NO support for how to actually make enjoyable meals and snacks with the limited amount of foods I could have…⁣

⁣This lack of support left me feeling defeated, isolated, and honestly MORE sick. 

So what happened? 

Well, my symptoms didn’t improve. They actually got worse, which actually led to me developing eating disorder tendencies and an actual eating disorder.⁣

⁣If I had support with implementing this new dietary protocol, someone I could’ve talked to day-to-day, I truly believe a lot of my pain would’ve been prevented and I would’ve healed faster.⁣

⁣Unfortunately, with how the medical field is set up, professionals aren’t able to provide the level of personalized support needed to manage someone’s care day-to-day to implement a treatment plan.

⁣And it made me lose trust with my doctors.⁣

⁣Don’t get me wrong, I think doctors have the best intentions and I always recommend still STARTING with a medical professional! (⚠️⁣ Especially to confirm a diagnosis!)

⁣But in many cases, supplemental support may also be needed…⁣

⁣Because in my case, the lack of support caused more harm than good. 

⁣This is exactly why at Be About Being Better we personalize our approach for BABB Academy clients, provide daily accountability and help them develop a lifestyle that is sustainable (Especially when dealing with a medical condition)!⁣

⁣If you need support implementing a dietary protocol for a medical condition into your lifestyle, or your health in general, take our quiz to see which one of our health coaching programs is right for you. 

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