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35. The story of a girl & her family hijacked by Anorexia (feat. Linda & Jack Mazur)

TW: ED & Mortality. Every 52 minutes, someone passes away from a direct result of an eating disorder.

Eating disorders are not a choice and are considered to be mental illnesses. Anorexia Nervosa has the highest mortality rate amongst all mental illnesses... and the Mazurs unfortunately experienced the realities of how Anorexia can hijack a loved one, their daughter, Emilee (may she rest in peace <3).

Thank you for sharing this episode with anyone you know who is struggling with an eating disorder. Linda & Jack are doing amazing work to create positive change in our healthcare system as well as create community to support all those (and their families) who are struggling!


Buy their book! Emilee: The Story of a Girl & Her Family Hijacked by Anorexia

The Emilee Connection Website

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Their Podcast -- "Once Shattered: Picking Up The Pieces"

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