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5 ways to practice self-care!


Y'all, here are 5 ways to practice self-care... That aren’t face masks and bubble baths! 

When people think of self-care, they typically associate it with their skin care routine or having a glass of wine. And while those can definitely be forms of self-care, there are so many other ways to really take a deep dive into yourself. 

It’s all about what you do to care for YOU! 

So self-care can include:

  • Prioritizing your needs! ⁣
  • Setting boundaries!⁣
  • Removing toxic triggers from your life!⁣
  • Fueling yourself⁣ with healthy food, activity, and sleep!
  • Making yourself happy⁣, whatever that looks like for you! 

At Be About Being Better we work with so many busy, high-achieving people that struggle toput themselves first. People know self-care is important, but it’s hard to prioritize it! And they know that they don’t show up or perform as well when they pour from an empty pitcher... 

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