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Meal Planning Guide for Busy Weeks

Being busy doesn't have to hold you back! Download our "Meal Planning Guide for Busy Weeks" to learn our Be About Being Better Method for meal planning & prepping that will save you time & money, and help make nutrient-dense options more convenient!

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Health Tips for your Menstrual Cycle

Do you have period problems? We've got your back! Your menstrual cycle is considered your fifth vital sign, it's just as important as your blood pressure! This guide will kickstart you into optimizing your period health and making your cycle your superpower!

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How to Eat At Restaurants

Do you feel obligated to always order a salad because it's the "healthier" choice? Do you feel guilty getting a burger with a bun? Do restaurants leave you feeling gross, bloated & guilty? This guide will kickstart a new relationship with food and non-diet approach to dining out!

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10 Minute Weekly Schedule Guide

At Be About Being Better, we specialize in working with busy, high-achieving clients who have a lot to balance! Download this PDF to help you streamline your week by making decisions before your week starts! This will save you time during the week by planning for just 10 minutes!

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The Five Minute Journal

This is the gratitude journal that Coach Abbie has been using and recommending to clients for 5+ years. At BABB, we are Five Minute Journal stans! This is because it is quick to use, aesthetically pleasing, filled with inspirational quotes, and the best "starter journal" out there. If you want to get into a journaling practice but don't know what to write about, their prompts will guide you. If you don't have a lot of time, this is the perfect way to still check off this habit amidst a busy schedule. Start your days better, with the 5 Minute Journal!

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This protein bagel has 25 grams of protein and 35 grams of fiber! Although it is totally, 100% okay to eat a regular bagel (all foods fit!!) and there are ways to doctor up a bagel to get more protein in by adding turkey slices, eggs, peanut butter, etc., this bagel had protein woven in! Abbie personally loves the pretzel and sesame flavors for the bagels. We hope you enjoy 15% off your order!

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Nerva Meditation App

This is the meditation app that single-handedly healed Coach Abbie's gut health issues. It is an evidence-based app that provides 15-20 minute gut hypnotherapy sessions (visualization meditations) to help ease gut health-related symptoms. Especially if you know that your IBS symptoms (diarrhea, constipation, bloating, abdominal pain, wind, etc.) are worse while under stress, these meditations will help you manage your stress and give you autonomy over controlling your symptoms. Our gut health clients rave about Nerva!

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