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When "life" happens, DON'T neglect yourself.

I really thought that once I moved back to NYC my life would slow down, I’d have time to catch up on everything, and just chill… ⁣

But I should know by now that life doesn’t work that way. 

Let’s put it this way — I’ve been in my new apartment for 1 month now and have maybe spent 5 days there.

The thing is, after being quarantined in my 200 square foot apartment for a year, like everyone else, I was itching to travel and get out…⁣

So naturally I overbooked myself, and thus, have had serious social burnout this summer.

But I kept thinking to myself, “Just get to August. You’ll be in one place and finally settled. Then things will slow down and you can catch up.”⁣

I'm still waiting for this to happen…⁣

I’ve felt anything but settled with my continued travels, and having to constantly put other's needs before my own. Although it’s taking a toll on me, I have a new perspective today.

Life is always going to throw stuff at us. Life is always going to be busy. We can’t always control our schedule, commitments, or what happens unexpectedly…⁣

But we can control how we approach it. ⁣

I’ve been making the mistake of saying, “Once I move back to New York, then I’ll be happier, healthier, less stressed, more present and at peace.”⁣

Versus saying...

  • How can I invite these things into my life now, despite my circumstances?
  • How can I ground myself with routines and consistency when I’m in a new place every 3-4 days?⁣
  • How can I insert healthy habits into my experiences?⁣
  • How can I find small moments to minimize my stress intermittently throughout the day?⁣

One of my favorite quotes is, “When you consistently care for others and neglect yourself, it is self-sabotage masked as nobility.” 

Here’s the truth... People are always looking for excuses to put their health on the back burner. 

So when “life” happens, it can feel like an easy opportunity to neglect yourself. 

To some degree, I’m always doing something for my health… Because I know that I can't always do everything. And during times of stress we need an outlet to channel our emotions and a way to ground and center ourselves. 

The best way to show up for other people is to show up for yourself first.

That’s why I always practice “MRS”! 

  • ME first

So, use this as your reminder to start by caring for YOURSELF, so that you actually have something to offer others!

This is what I help clients do every day. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect with it, but I’m always working to be better and be honest about the struggle in the moment.⁣

A sustainable healthy lifestyle is NOT perfect! But it's continuous…

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