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Eat something! Do not ignore your hunger cues!

Y’all, when we’re deep into a restrictive diet, we get so hyper-focused on being "perfect" that we tune out the signals our bodies are sending us...

This can be dangerous!

If we’re ignoring our hunger cues, we’re likely under-eating (AKA under-fueling ourselves), which can lead to SO much damage in our bodies.⁣

It can also be detrimental for our mental health and self-esteem...

But so many of us have become experts on suppressing our hunger cues, depriving our bodies, and not properly caring for ourselves…⁣

What we do at Be About Being Better is help people get in touch with their bodies again.

We educate clients on what they need in order to hit their goals (it’s so individualized), and help them live a sustainable healthy lifestyle by teaching them how to transition into eating intuitively.

💡Eating intuitively requires us to listen to the cues from our bodies! But we need to know how to adequately respond to those cues...

That’s what we help our clients with!⁣

If you’re sick of dieting and want to learn how to properly fuel yourself to feel your BEST, take my quiz and see which health coaching program is for you!

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