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How to go out to eat, without the guilt!

 If you’re looking to order whatever you want at a restaurant and NOT leave feeling gross, bloated, and guilty, I’ve got you! For my complete list of strategies for going out to eat Download our Free Guide on How to Eat Well at Restaurants!

Do you find that you dread going out to dinner when you're on a new health kick?!

All too often, I hear from clients and other members of our community that they feel they have two options when it comes to going out to eat:

1. Feel like they can’t go out and be social. They must “follow the plan” and are stuck in an  “all-or-nothing” mindset. 


2. They go out anyway, overindulging on what is their only opportunity to experience food freedom, but end up feeling gross, bloated, and guilty.

Either of those sound familiar?

But going out to eat shouldn’t be this hard!

Do you...

  • believe some foods are "good" and others are "bad"?
  • always feel an urge to finish everything on your plate?
  • skip meals to "save calories" for a big dinner?
  • think ordering the pasta dish is a "cheat meal"?
  • struggle to stay in touch with your hunger and fullness cues?
  • believe restaurants always sabotage your health goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, don't worry!

I know from both coaching hundreds of clients all over the globe and personal experience that It's totally possible to go to a restaurant, order whatever you want, and not feel guilty. Yes, you read that right. 

If you’re looking to find balance with nutrition, be healthy and social, and not leave restaurants feeling gross, bloated & guilty… I've got you! Download our Free Guide on How to Eat Well at Restaurants for all my best suggestions.

Want a sneak peek of our guide? Here are a few tips & tricks from my FREE Restaurant Guide that I’ve learned for going out to eat without going all out.


 Before Dining Out:

  • Don’t “save” calories or skip meals, in order to indulge in one meal of the day. It’s important to eat balanced meals consistently throughout the day in order to optimize health, regulate blood sugar, and support digestion. 
  • If you have the chance to pick where you go out to eat, I empower you to do so! This will allow you to check the menu out beforehand and decide what you want, without the temptation of being in the restaurant or social environment. 


At the Restaurant:

  • Order what you want! No food is “good” or “bad”. Let’s take the morality out of food here! Instead, let’s focus our language on “nutrient-dense” or ”calorie-dense” foods and making choices that feel most aligning to you at the time of dining. You don't have to get the salad because it's "healthier" - It’s about what you want at the moment! (and the pasta dish might actually be "healthier" for you in the moment if it will positively impact your mental & emotional health!)
  • When you look at the menu, ask yourself: “If I were home having this meal, what would I usually have?” and try to recreate that meal as close as you can. 
    • Remember you don’t always have to order an entree. You can combine an appetizer with a few side dishes if that allows you to feel special and still align with your goals!


After Dining Out:

  • You want to view these meal experiences as feedback, not failure. Eating out provides you the opportunity to collect data on how you feel, so that you can course-correct for the next time. 
  • Remember that negative self-talk is worse for you than any number of calories you may have consumed. Be kind to yourself! 


Most of all, it’s important to remember that one meal is not going to make or break your health and progress! It is one meal out of many that you will eat in a day or week. So give yourself some grace!

You deserve to find food freedom and a balanced, happy life you can feel great about!

I go into more detail in our FREE Restaurant Guide and even give more specific suggestions on various styles of restaurants and cuisines such as…

  • Italian restaurants 
  • Sushi/Asian restaurants
  • Pub food
  • Brunch 

You won't want to miss out on my complete list of strategies, tips & tricks! Download our FREE Restaurant Guide here!

Bon Appetit!

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