Have you lost touch with friends during quarantine?

Sep 21, 2020

I haven’t talked about this publicly yet, but I lost touch with a really great friend of mine during quarantine. And the funny thing is, it felt like a break-up…⁣

I expect the people I’m dating to come in and out of my life, to ghost me, or be "temporary;" but friends are supposed to be your ride or die, you know?! So when I lost this friend, it hurt worse than any break-up I ever had. 

At the start of quarantine I made a commitment to continuously ask myself, “If quarantine was a teacher, what would it be teaching me?”⁣ Or, "If this virus was a teacher, what would it be asking me to learn?" 

By doing this, I have been able to keep a positive mindset through so much uncertainty. I've been able to continue my journey to living a better life. So when I asked myself what this loss was teaching me, many things came up.

However, this lesson was the loudest... ⁣When you zoom in on the lack, you disregard the ABUNDANCE!⁣

The friendship I lost was no longer serving me and I needed to let it go. And having tunnel vision on the loss made me upset and insecure. It was also preventing me from appreciating all the AMAZING FRIENDSHIPS I’ve cultivated and strengthened over the last year!

I hope this empowers you to ZOOM OUT and focus on the many things that are going right in your life. Share this post with a bestie to let them know you love them! 



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