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How to stop tying your self-worth to the number on the scale!


Disclaimer: There are SO MANY reasons why our weight fluctuates. It’s always beneficial to get evaluated by a professional so that you understand why your weight isn't budging and how you can work with that.

But here are a few potential reasons the scale spikes or doesn't change... (and it’s not because you gained fat back)!

If you stepped on the scale this morning and the number jumped up, have no fear! 

Before you start the negative self-talk, know that our bodies fluctuate and that's normal. There are common and logical reasons why the scale spikes up a bit, and they essentially all stem from the level of water retention in your body.

They are...
🍿 You ate more salt than usual⁣⁣
🥐 You ate more carbs than usual⁣⁣
🌙 You ate later than usual⁣⁣
😴 You got less sleep than usual⁣⁣
☀️ You weighed in at a different time⁣⁣
💧 You’re dehydrated⁣⁣
💩 You need to, ya know...⁣⁣
😳 You’re stressed⁣⁣
🏋️‍♀️ You lifted heavy yesterday⁣⁣
Take comfort in the fact that it’s not always because you gained fat back. Fluctuations are normal.
Give yourself some grace, drink water, and keep going! 

I also want to empower you to not use the scale as your only metric for progress! Try tracking your mood, energy levels, quality of sleep, complexion, progress photos, and measurements too!

A lot of my clients come to me saying, "I want to lose weight;" but at the core of it, they really just want to feel more comfortable and confident in their own skin.⁣.. And they think that seeing a specific number on the scale will help them feel that way. But that isn’t the case!⁣

If you are tying your happiness to the number you see on the scale, go through this journaling exercise:

FIRST! If you saw the number that you wanted to see on the scale...

1. How would that make you feel?⁣

2. What would that change about your life?⁣

THINK: What things would you do differently? How different would you feel? How would your posture change? How would your daily habits change? Would you apply for your dream job? Would you hangout with more friends? Would you take more initiative in your life? Would you feel confident, energized, and beautiful?⁣

THEN! Journal on….⁣

1. How can I start showing up as that person TODAY?⁣⁣

2. Regardless of what the number on the scale says, how can I cultivate that confidence NOW?

THINK: What other things, outside of seeing a number on the scale, can make me feel energized, confident, and beautiful?⁣


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