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How to survive the 3 o'clock slump!

Y’all know what I’m talking about, right?

That moment in the day, usually around 3 o’clock, when you need another cup of coffee or you’ll fall asleep on your desk… 

Well, here’s a hint… coffee won’t help! 

Here’s 3 healthy things you can do during your 3 o’clock slump:

  1. Go for a walk! If it’s possible for you, get outside, shift your posture and get a change of scenery. Taking a moment away from your desk will clear your head and give you the reset you need to get MORE done in the afternoon. (And in less time!)
  2. Swap coffee for COLD water! Trust me, the cold water will perk you right up. Try adding a lemon or water infusion drops (use code “Abbie” for 30% off at checkout) for a little something extra. And being adequately hydrated is truly the best, natural energizer!
  3. Eat a satiating snack! Sometimes we are just hungry, y’all. Try a small snack like yogurt and berries, or a turkey, lettuce and cheese roll up. I personally love a rice cake with nut butter!

Give these tips and tricks a go, and kick your 3 o'clock slump in the butt! 

And if you feel that 3 o’clock slump all day, every day, my 7 Day High Energy Diet is for you! It will help you get energized while fueling yourself nutritiously... 


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