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Let's talk about SPENDING vs. INVESTING!

Do you want to be healthy but are scared you'll break the bank?! 

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This blog post is a bit of tough love, but the truth is, it will change your perspective and your life...  

There's a lot of people trying to sell you cheap programs, supplements, diet apps, workouts, etc. 

And sure, that sounds great on the surface, right?! 

But these cheap options add up to a lot of money over the years when they continuously DON’T WORK. 

And what about the other costs of diets or programs like Beachbody or Noom or Keto? 

  • Your mental & emotional health take a hit!
  • Your confidence & self-worth take a hit!
  • You feel like a failure when you're not successful as sustaining new habits! 

(Listen closely! Those programs ARE NOT BUILT FOR SUSTAINABILITY! It's not you, it's them.)  

When we approach our health with a "spending" mindset, just looking for the immediate gratification in the name of saving money, we hurt ourselves in the long run.  

 Let’s say you pay $99 for 1 year of Beachbody…  

You might feel great in the moment, but because the results aren’t sustainable, you’ll only up paying way more over time. 

When it comes to your health, it's better to INVEST in yourself, and spend more money with the expectation of a greater return. 

Let's say the Be About Being Better Academy costs more than you want to pay, but is guaranteed to give you more energy, abundance, and confidence?! 

You'd make that investment every day, and twice on Sundays! 

I have so many stories of clients telling me that after going through our BABB Academy their finances improved, their relationships flourished, their grades got better, and they got a raise or a promotion!  

All because they INVESTED in their health and put their money behind a program that is built for them to succeed. 

I know, I know... It's uncomfortable and scary!


And what's scarier?! Investing in yourself or being in the same place you are now this time next year? 

Investing in yourself guarantees a different result! 

The BABB Academy is built for your sustainability by offering you… 

  • Customized Plans 
  • Consistent Accountability 
  • Mindset Support 

Yes, it’s an investment, but it should be your last stop for improving your health and wellness. And not only will it improve your health, it’ll better your whole life! 

Are you ready to invest in your life? CLICK HERE to take our quiz to see which one of health coaching programs is right for you!  

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