"Saving Money and Time with This 3 Step Meal Prep & Meal Plan Process"

May 11, 2021

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"Have you wanted to try meal prepping but keep putting it off because you think it's difficult and time-consuming? Well, guess what, you’re only thinking like that since you haven’t started yet! For you to live a healthy and successful lifestyle, you have to prioritize simple and streamlined healthy habits like meal prepping.

In this episode of Girls Gone Healthy, I speak with Abbie Stasior, CEO and lead coach at Be About Being Better - a health and life coaching company. She helps very busy and high-achieving people make healthy easy. Listen in to learn the importance of having some practices that help you refocus your energy to less stressful things." - Emily Coffman

Episode Timeline:

[1:37] Abbie Stasior’s passion for helping people make living healthy easy.

[2:40] She describes the tools she uses to refocus her energy to less stressful things.

[9:00] How to meal plan before and after your grocery shopping.

[18:53] The importance of streamlining your healthy habits to make other things in your life easier and successful.


“You have to get comfortable with putting yourself first and not seeing that as selfish.”- Abbie Stasior [2:48]

“Before you even go to the grocery store, you need to meal plan.”- Abbie Stasior [11:10]

“We make the healthy things when we’re so busy, bigger than they actually are.”- Abbie Stasior [19:07]




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