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What supplement companies DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

Ever tried a tea-tox? 

What about a juice cleanse? Weight loss vitamin or shake?! 

Has it helped you reach your goals…? 

Sustain your results…? 

I’m going to guess probably not... ⁣

And you’re NOT ALONE! ⁣

The supplement industry is worth $122 BILLION dollars (as of 2016), and it’s only going to continue growing. 

⁣It’s important to remember the supplement industry is a BUSINESS. 

So, here’s the truth of the matter…

Because they want your money and to keep you coming back for more, they sell you FALSE HOPE that their product will be the answer to ALL of your problems, and improve your health FOREVER.⁣

⁣When in reality, most businesses are more concerned about profit over people. And even less concerned about a sustained result.

⁣Additionally, supplements are NOT approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), so they are NOT regulated. Which means many supplements contain toxic chemicals not listed on their label. And on top of that, a lot of nutrition labels aren’t accurate. 

According to the CEO at @consumerlab_ (A 3rd party supplement testing company), about 1 out of every 5 products they test, fail inspection; usually due to inaccurate supplement labels, spoiled ingredients detected in the products, contamination with heavy metals, or unapproved label claims. 

This is why at Be About Being Better, we do things DIFFERENTLY!⁣

  •  We’re truly focused on SUSTAINABILITY (getting you results and helping you keep them), which is why we always approach our program development through that lens!⁣
  •  We’re focused on giving you a sustainable healthy lifestyle that doesn’t require supplements. We teach you how to be healthy in a natural way!⁣
  •  We personalize our approach for each client and their individual needs!⁣
  •  And we make sure that approach is evidence-based and backed by science!⁣

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