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Why I started Be About Being Better...

Y'all, in the heart of Muir Woods in San Francisco, there are RENOWNED redwood trees...

...and when I visited in April 2018, I noticed there are two distinct paths for each of the redwood trees.

The taller tree's path, thriving with light, felt really distant to me at that time, and far from the path I was on. Because up until that moment, I was planning to attend medical school.

And as I stared up at the trees, I started to cry…

Because I knew all too well the other path. The path of the lower-hanging trees. 

Those trees were out of alignment, and forced to contort their trunks and strain their branches to gain access to a fraction of the sunlight the superior trees have.

Coming from a family where most of the kids grow up and become physicians, I had pigeonholed myself into seeing medicine as the quintessential path for my career. It was going to provide me the chance to “fuse my passion for community service and admiration of science.”

But it was in that moment, looking up at the tall trees, that I knew that if I was going to live an impactful life, a life that excited me, a life that met my mission to serve others, that I needed a change. 

In that moment, I promised to free myself of expectation and explore how to execute my mission while standing tall, living a life of abundance, fulfillment, and light.

After my trip to San Francisco, I spent several months employed as a medical scribe for a primary care physician; which confirmed my decision to diverge from the original path, because it gave me the opportunity to experience the realities of the medical field.

There’s never enough time to counsel patients on lifestyle changes, or offer thorough nutrition guidance, leading to surface-level advice. Additionally, follow-up appointments are scheduled too far apart, causing a lack of accountability. Ultimately, these practices make lifestyle management a delayed protocol, or a protocol never to be implemented at all.

Physicians are constrained into managing chronic conditions versus focusing on disease prevention.

So, needless to say, Medical scribing confirmed my desire to be on the preventive side of a patient’s health and wellness... 

This prompted the start of my FREE community for women online... A platform to offer health guidance to my closest friends and most loyal social media followers.

And after leading several successful and engaging health challenges through this community, I knew, as part of my career exploration, I needed to lean into it more. (Good news! We still run free challenges in that group! Join us HERE!)

I began the search for a mentor to provide me training and guidance. After attending online webinars, information sessions, and researching a variety of health coaching gurus and influencers, I finally invested in a business coach. 

Listen, I'm known in my family to “still have my First Communion money”, but I fled my comfort zone to take the leap. I invested the entirety of my savings, which was scary, but also exhilarating. If I succeeded with an online health coaching business, I knew it would change my life and my path. If I was ineffective or found it unsatisfying, at least I would gain the lesson and perspective I needed to continue my journey and go in another direction, right? 

And, sure enough, just three weeks from that investment, I had developed my twelve-week health coaching program, the Be About Being Better Academy, marketed my coaching services online, interviewed and onboarded my initial group of clients, and increased my income exponentially. This momentum allowed my online health coaching business to further proliferate. And thus, Be About Being Better was born! 

My vision is to prepare clients for a holistic, healthful lifestyle that is longitudinally sustainable, in order to prevent chronic diseases. 

I have leveraged my background in neuroscience to coach clients through emotional eating, habit change, and body image issues. And now, I’m continuing my education by becoming a Registered Dietitian through Columbia University! 

So, that’s me and my story...

Now I want to get to know you!

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