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56. Intuitive eating & Weight loss medications (feat. Aspartame Scandal)

In this episode we're talking about weight loss medications like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro that are GLP-1 agonists - what they are, how they're used, what are the side effects and risks, and can you still intuitively eat while on these medications? Lots of nuance to cover!

We'll also be discussing the Aspartame scandal that recently broke out and discuss if this artificial sweetener if harmful for your health. Thank you for listening and DM me on IG with any questions or feedback on this episode (@abbie.stasior & @beaboutbeingbetter !!)


TikToks about the Aspartame Scandal -- Video 1 and Video 2 

Washington Post Article about Influencer Aspartame Scandal -- Here!


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