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62. From dieting to divine alignment (feat. Sarah Jean Harken)

In this episode, my friend Sarah & I cover allll the things from ditching diets, to healing your wounded masculine to have a healthy balance of masculine/feminine energy, to how to cultivate an abundance mindset from scarcity, to prepping for a wedding, to money energetics to having faith vs. manifesting your desires! Like I said... all the things!

My friend Sarah (@sarahjeanharken) is an expert in so many areas so I wanted her to touch on a lot to support y'all!


About Sarah Jean Harken:

Sarah is a certified Life Coach and Breathwork Facilitator. She’s passionate about the wisdom she shares and the modalities she facilitates both because of the healing, growth, and expansion they’ve created in her life, and because of the shifts and transformations she’s witnessed in her clients’ lives.

Her Life Coaching business combines mindset, self-awareness, and embodiment work with a focus on Energetics, Feminine Energy, Creating a Sacred Relationship with our Inner Masculine, Being a Vessel of Love in the World, and cultivating a Deep Mind/Body Connection for Inner Peace, Bliss, Abundance, and Joy.

When she’s not coaching you can find her spending sacred time with her fiancé, doing breathwork herself, planning her wedding, learning from her coaches & mentors, traveling the world, hanging out in a cozy coffee shop with a latte and a book or a loved one, taking a yoga or workout class, going for LONG walks, or being present with her family and besties.

Sarah's Links:

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